At CTIC we have an extensive experience in the collaboration with local, regional, national and international governments (Latin America and Africa), in the design and implementation of territorial and technological development policies and strategies.

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We offer standards-based solutions that help organizations meet their objectives of transparency in an easy and efficient way. We have designed and implemented many projects in this and other fields such as open data and reuse.

Citizen participation

Participation is undoubtedly the new paradigm in the field of governance. The opinion of citizens must be taken into account and collected by the decision-making actors. At CTIC we urge this concept with innovative proposals, tailored to all types of entities.


More than 10 years of work in institutions such as W3C provide us with an important guarantee in the design and development of observatories in governments and public and private administrations. We monitor "state of the art" technologies, trends and implementation of innovative policies.

Social Innovation

Our commitment to social innovation allows us to escort the implementation of initiatives aimed at solving social challenges by adding innovation, talent and collaborative models.