In CTIC we conduct intensive research on the application of technology to developing solutions so we can offer innovative new products and services capable of responding to the great challenges in the field of active aging and the welfare of people.

We are experts in:

Imagen Cities

Control of medical / physiological variables

Through medical sensors, paying special attention to processing information obtained to carry out supervision. These solutions are customizable and adaptable to both formal caregivers (qualified staff) and informal (family).

Detecting patterns and anomalies

Automation in the detection and prediction of critical situations in users through the use of wearable and environmental sensors, as well as through the analysis in real time from established patterns of user behavior.

Medical image analysis

By means of computer vision techniques we help the expert staff in the detection of diseases and ailments by automating processes.

Active aging

We develop wearable devices aimed at tracking and monitoring the elderly. We also design and build platforms of cognitive and physical stimulation, easily usable, allowing users to stay active and in touch with their environment.