wellbeing and active aging

Technology, innovation and wellbeing. Innovative solutions and technology to enhance seniors’ quality of life.

At CTIC we are convinced of the potential of technology to develop solutions to improve the quality of life of people and to promote active and healthy aging.

As a Technology Center, our commitment to the people leads us to the research and development of intelligent environments, that are easy controllable by the user and can greatly improve personal autonomy and quality of life.

Remote monitoring of people allows us to carry out predictions of possible emergencies.

Further, we also work on the development of platforms for cognitive and physical stimulation aimed at improving the lifestyle of individuals, by incorporating technology into their daily routines through games.

The application of these technologies in the market does not focus exclusively on the field of health, but also on the industrial field, allowing the monitoring of employees to detect dangerous situations, alerting of possible risks for human health and automating environmental responses to certain warning scenarios.