digital growth

At CTIC we support public administrations, governments and international organizations in their process of innovation and digital transformation.

We work in generating innovation ecosystems, promoting strategies both in the business and the socio-educational fields.

Innovation is often the result of unlikely connections between people.

In the business environment, we have a long and proven experience in supporting SMEs in their process of technological transformation and improvement of competitiveness, through innovative activity.

At present, different places in Spain and Latin America have already joined our digital maturity model for technological support to businesses. In addition, our commitment to modernization of the business sector makes us work hand in hand with entrepreneurs, supporting them in discovering their business models and to incorporate elements of differentiation.

In the social field, we focus on initiatives related to digital inclusion, the safe and responsible use of the Internet, innovation in education, citizen participation and the modernization and improvement of governance of administrations and social agents. We implement initiatives to ensure that information and communications technologies not only contribute to the economic development of the territories, but also to their social development.