interoperability & OD

It facilitates the communication between diverse information systems through the use of data standards.


In CTIC, we apply technology so systems can "talk" to each other, encouraging as well the communication with third party systems.

We always work with standards, allowing us to ensure independence from suppliers.

Our systems are designed to evolve with you. More than 10 years of experience in this field back us.

We work on standardization processes through the development of technical standards and technologies for the publication of data and interoperability between systems.

Open Data

In CTIC we want to help you get the most value to your data. We are experts in the technologies necessary to publish the information in standard formats, open and easily reusable.

In addition, by implementing a policy Open Data in your business or organization, you will not just allow others to collaborate with you through the use of your data, but you can lay the foundations for a policy of transparency that allows a better understanding of your values, played roles, organizational structure and your annual and multiannual plans.

We have a wide experience in the strategic and technical design and launching of open data projects in both the public and private sectors. In the process we use W3C technologies holding a broad consensus that encourage consumption and interoperability, and we exploit as well our own methodology to ensure success, sustainability and evolution of those open data initiatives in time.

CTIC has participated in major initiatives of Open Data in Spain in the three levels of government (Central State Administration, autonomous regions and municipalities) and develops projects in this area for the European Commission. ( and SharePSI).