computer vision

Improve the production process of your company. Reduce costs in quality control. Discover with us what computer vision can do for your business.

CTIC works in 3 areas of vision technologies:

Computer Vision

This field is framed within the so-called artificial intelligence, which aims to provide a computer (or any other item with computing capacity) with the ability to understand images.

Virtual Reality

Set of software and hardware tools that allow the creation of unreal three-dimensional environments, generated by computer systems that people can explore and interact with.

Augmented Reality

This technology enables a set of devices to add virtual information to the existing physical information, so as to generate a mixed (real/virtual) situational awareness. It differs from virtual reality because it does not replace the physical (tangible) data, but it superimposes computer data to the real ones.

CTIC wants to help you figure out how incorporating computer vision in the production or inspection process can help you detect in advance potential problems or identify changes in quality standards. This way you can take the appropriate actions, to ensure the efficiency and quality parameters of your business, and that all your products are subjected to the same quality control and under the same conditions.

Reduce costs through automation of the inspection procedures of the production process.