web of things

Capture information to make decisions in real time. Anticipate problems and respond in time. At CTIC we help make this possible, by creating intelligent environments. Welcome to the future.

The goal of the Web of Things is to enable everyday objects to receive and transmit information, to interact with each other, to be connected with anything and anyone, so that data can be aggregated and, through the intelligent data analysis thereof, enable successful context related decisions and predictions.

CTIC’s Web of Things (WoT) business area will help you go one step further:

We provide you with technology that enables the exchange of information between different devices.

We help you create smart environments, to enable you react independently for quick decision-making (the best reaction in the shortest time possible).

We want to help you. We have extensive experience in building scalable architectures, data analysis in BigData contexts, and in the communication between different types of sensors.